iBG Zebrafish Facility

BalıkV3iBG zebrafish facility houses an aquarium equipped with Techniplast Zebtec Multilinking system with 360 tanks capacity, and a Zebtec Standalone system with 60 tanks capacity used in the main room and the quarantine room respectively. In addition, the unit has embryo manipulation room that is equipped with stereomicroscopes  and microinjection equipment , two imaging rooms equipped with a fluorescent stereomicroscope and a brigthfield stereomicroscope with cameras.

The zebrafish aquarium is operated by highly trained personnel, with high standards in compliance with EU-regulations, monitored with local ethics committee and  the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.


Zebrafish Facility is run by :

Assoc.Prof. Güneş Özhan (Coordinator),

Dr. Gülçin Çakan-Akdogan (Manager)

Meryem Özaydın (Animal Caregiver)

We offer service and training to scientist to contribute to the zebrafish research in the region. If you are interested in our services, please click here or contact us via e-mail.